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    Self-Care Habits to Help Improve Your Well-Being

    The last few weeks have been trying times. My days go something like this: Wake up at 8 am (yes, that late), get ready, get to work by 9 am (yes, I live that close to work), work like a dog from 9 am until 6 pm non-stop, sometimes skipping lunch to hit the weekly KPIs, get home exhausted, throw some food together, eat while reading articles, then open up a new document, outline an article, write, check the time, go to bed at 12 am. Wash, rinse, repeat the next day. Needless to say, burnout is somewhere on the horizon for me. I’ve already had one breakdown about two…

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    Costs of Mental Health Treatment in Malaysia

    Scrolling through my social media feed during World Mental Health Day last week, I saw an outpouring of support, articles, stories, and messages being broadcasted to the world. It got me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside to see us come a long way as a society. Just a few days ago, our Youth and Sports Minister brought up the importance of addressing mental health. Lately, I talk pretty candidly about my mental health. I get two opposing reactions when I do that. On one hand, there are those who resonate with me because they’ve gone through the same struggles. On the other, talking about mental health still makes people…