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    Asset Allocation for Malaysians: What is The Best Portfolio Mix for You?

    Over the last few months, I wrestled with the concept of asset allocation. In theory, this is a straightforward concept but in practice, I don’t take asset allocation into consideration when making investment decisions. What Is Asset Allocation? At some point in your investment journey, you might find yourself thinking, “There are just too many investment options out there, how do I choose the right one?” The answer is there shouldn’t be just ONE investment option that you should be putting your money into. Ideally, your investments should consist of a variety or a mix of assets that fit you. This mix is different for each individual.  Think of a…

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    My Stock Investing Workflow: A Step-by-Step Guide

    A common phrase I hear is “I want to invest in stocks but I don’t know how to start”. My usual reply to this is, “It’s not that hard to learn, just gotta start somewhere.” For a while, I felt like people just didn’t want to put in the time and effort to learn. After all, there are so many free resources out there to help you get started. These days I’m much more forgiving in my opinion. People just don’t have the time nor can afford to put in the effort to learn. They have jobs, families, relationships and so many other commitments to worry about. I don’t blame…