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COVID-19 and MCO Resources for Malaysians

Our lives have changed drastically in such a short span of time and it can be overwhelming to deal with such a change. Some of us are lucky enough to still have our jobs, but there are large parts of our society that are now out of work. For some, having our children at home means that they’re not learning maths and science in school. For others, the inactivity and lack of social interaction can creep up on us and weigh on our emotions.

And it’s also hard to keep up with all of the news surrounding COVID-19 and what you can do to help yourself and others during this time. You may not know where and how to start adapting to these changes so I’ve decided to compile every piece of resource I can find to help all of us get through this shitstorm together.

If you would like to contribute to this resource hub, fill out this Google Form and I’ll add your resource to this post.

Financial assistance and personal finance resources

Jobs and employment opportunities

Food and groceries

  • HappyFresh – Klang Valley
  • Tesco Online – Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Penang, Seremban, Ipoh
  • Bungkusit – Food and parcel delivery in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Penang
  • RedTick – Klang Valley
  • Big Box Asia – Nationwide
  • Groove Grocer – Klang Valley
  • My Fishman (Klang Valley) – Buy fish online for reals. Here’s a review if you want to be sure the fish is fresh before buying.
  • Southern Rock Seafood (Bangsar/Damansara) – Fresh seafood with discounts during the MCO
  • Sembang (Kota Damansara/Damansara/Puchong/Puchong/Subang USJ) – food delivery for individuals and families. And if you’re looking to contribute, they deliver to frontline/orphanages/homes as well. Drop them a message on Facebook.

*Note – some of these online delivery services don’t have enough capacity to keep up with the high demand right now, so be prepared for deliveries to arrive much later than usual

Discounts and deals

Charity and donations

  • Facebook group Caremongering Malaysia – A community movement to help deliver groceries and supplies to the elderly
  • All the COVID-19 response initiatives can be found on
  • Festival Duduk Rumah online fundraising concert to support the frontliners –
  • Food Aid Foundation – They rescue surplus food from the supply chain and distributing it to people in need. They’re on Facebook and Instagram under the same name. Or you can email them at / Or call at 0392265500.

Mental health resources

Education resources

Health and fitness resources

Entertainment and hobbies


Hope this helps! If you have any more suggestions, you can also send them to me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


  • Nazir

    Hey Nicole! It so un-milennial like to look at investing and finance management. Haha
    I have been using stashaway for about a year plus now and started dabbling with stock since the share were cheap at one point.
    That’s all. Stay financial savvy!

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