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Author’s Note #2

These past weeks, I’ve contemplated my little corner here on the Internet. I’m always interested to analyze data and with the modest growth of readers here, I wanted to figure out who you are and what you like to read.

From what I’ve gathered, so far my readers fall into two very separate demographics. One; investment kakis who know what I’m talking about without needing much explanation. Two; I also have readers who don’t share that same background, who are drawn by the more casual, relatable content.  

In a conversation today with one of my editors, we had a disagreement over my writing style for certain topics, mainly the investment-related ones. As someone from a finance background, a lot of finance concepts are, at this point, almost second nature to me. He argued that even when I did explain concepts, it’s still quite hard to grasp them as an average reader with no experience on the subject matter.

Any person who works in digital marketing will tell you that a content strategy is important. The crux of the argument with my editor was that a lot of the portfolio analyses aren’t meant for the novice investors. He’s right, it’s not. And that’s the point.

As much as I’d like to make content for the broader audience, I also want to write about things I like. It just so happens that some of those things are analyses. These analyses tend to be harder for people to understand. Personally, I think that’s okay. I believe the way I write analysis isn’t even strictly the correct way either. It’s more of an exercise of critical thinking where I explore my thoughts and seeing what conclusions they lead to.

So far, I’ve found writing here an enjoyable cathartic process. For the most part, I want to help people by sharing my experiences with work, money, and personal growth. I’ve also been extremely forthcoming about my insecurities, personal struggles, opinions and investment strategies. I believe that I will continue to write about what I’m interested in despite who my audience is. Because at the end of the day, this is, after all, a little corner on the Internet for me to express myself.

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  • Nisa

    Hi Nicole,

    You are right and I agree with you. Please maintain your writing as it is. I am one of the novice investor that you mentioned. Yes, when I read your financial related posts, I can’t relate much? But I am a curious person. Hence, whatever you wrote I will look for other writings that can explain some of the financial jargons. Besides, that’s how people learn. You can’t spoon feed people much 😉

    Besides I think, if you write to please people, it won’t as much fun as you are having now. Besides we have TOO many blogs with people-pleasing content. We don’t need another one. Just my two cents hehe

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