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Author’s Note #1

Okay, sooo I’m just gonna cut right to it. As one reader pointed out, I’ve taken down Part 1 of “What is Share Margin Financing”. Yes, that’s because I wasn’t very happy with the quality of the work. Over the past week, as I sat down to write Part 2, I kept seeing some gaps and problems in my initial outline. I soon realized that the subject matter is much too complex and I won’t do it justice by approaching it the way I did. I’ve decided to revisit the outline, rework it and try to change my approach.  

There are instances in the past year where I’ve published pieces and then taken them down because I found the quality lacking. Most of the time, I told myself that I’ll work on the piece again and re-upload it but it just never happened as you can probably tell by the lack of content here. Before, I never saw the need to explain myself, mainly because there was no one reading the things I wrote here. But last week this website got a bit of traction and now I see some of you lurking around here every day.

I know it’s a bit unconventional for a blogger to take down posts and then write about why they did it. Most content creators just keep pushing through and churning out content for their audiences, trying to increase engagement and maintain SEO rankings. That’s not really my goal here.

When I initially set up this website, my intention was to use it to improve my writing skills and cultivate good writing habits. I didn’t expect to have any readers. I did zero promotion among my friends and family and I wasn’t actively promoting it on social media. Yeah okay, there’s still not that many of you here but it’s way more than my previous number…which was ZERO. It’s both exciting and intimidating having random people on the Internet reading my work.

I want to get this right while things are still new and developing. I’ve got people subscribing to this website while I scramble to provide better reader’s experience overall, from making tweaks to my navigation to being more active on social media. It’s a bit surreal to think you’re here to witness my writing journey.

I’ll re-upload the piece again sometime in the future when I’m satisfied with how it turns out, it’s one of the topics I’m especially keen on sharing with you. But until then, I hope you will bear with me while I experiment with my writing style and work on improving the quality of the content that I now write, not just for myself, but for you as well. More to come.

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