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September Portfolio Snapshot: My Malaysian Stocks Within Expectation

We’re three months away from a new year, holy cow. Time really does slip away when you’re sitting around trying to figure out what to do with your life. I’m aware it’s been a while since I did a portfolio update. Frankly, I’ve slipped up on monitoring the stock market. Choosing the stocks that I did with a long-term perspective means I don’t have to watch the market diligently. Of course, just because I don’t have to doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. Ignorance never equals bliss when it comes to the stock market. Nonetheless, Malaysian stock prices have been trending steadily upwards since my last post. Let’s dive in.

Portfolio Snapshot as at 1 October 2018

StockLast Done PriceAverage Price% HoldingUnrealised Profit/Loss
Overall % P/L8.71

I spent much of July and August abroad with limited internet access but I kept tabs on the local news flow whenever I can. In the last portfolio review, I mentioned my concern over LIIHEN’s bottom line. I bought the stock anyway. At the time, my goal was to earn a short-term gain from an anticipated (by me) trend reversal. LIIHEN, trading in the RM2.40 range, jumped almost 20% closing at RM2.88 over the course of a few days leading up to 23 July. I vaguely remember trying to find the cause of the spike but came up empty-handed. From somewhere in Europe, eight hours behind Malaysia time (commitment guys!), I disposed the stocks at RM2.84, bring in a capital gain of 18.33%.  It’s nothing to shout about considering I just recouped some of my earlier losses from when the stock plunged drastically back in May.

The stock price has since stabilized around the RM2.90 to RM3.00 range, largely due to expectations of a continuing depreciating ringgit and better profitability numbers in the last quarter. Personally, I am cautiously optimistic. One of the major draws of this company is that it has a capable management team. To me, they also seem to have the shareholder’s concerns in mind. Considering this, I’ve added it again to my portfolio, entering at RM3.00. This price is a bit too high for my liking but I will be keeping a close eye on this stock as per usual.

On another note, there’s been a slight uptrend in INARI over the past two trading days. Macquarie Research released a report today giving a buy call based on potential earnings growth from the technological needs of Osram Licht. It’s going to an eventful few days for INARI, I’m ready to see what happens in the near term.

In future posts, I’ll discuss how I calculate the unrealized profit/loss and why I pick these stocks for my portfolio. What other market-related things would you like me to write about? As always, send me your responses!

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