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Portfolio Snapshot: Volatility Roller Coaster

Exam day is looming around the corner and I’m currently in the thick of it. The last leg. The home stretch. No biggie, I’m most definitely not barely hanging on by a thread and drowning in course material that I most definitely did not half-ass for the better part of this year. Yes, most definitely not. Maybe one day I’ll write a post about the merits of sitting for the CFA exam and whether it’s worth the emotional and mental turmoil that comes with it.

While I’m staving off another imminent mental breakdown (those are fun, aren’t they?), let’s review the portfolio, shall we?

StockLast Done PriceAverage PriceUnrealised Profit/Loss
Overall % P/L7.20%

The stock market had some exciting twists. In my last post, I expressed hope that the fundamental value of my portfolio would hold up the prices during this time of political uncertainty. Part of that hope was so I wouldn’t have to actively manage it for the time being while I struggle through my exam prep. In the end, that wasn’t the case. Over the period, LIIHEN announced it’s 1Q2018 result, which saw net profit drop YoY by 63.3% and subsequently a lower interim dividend of RM0.025 (in comparison with RM0.04 in the corresponding quarter of last year). Obviously, the price took a dive but not before a pump and dump happened days prior to the announcement and I disposed the shares at a 20% loss (this is my loss threshold). As you can see, I bought the stock again today, based on a trend reversal. Whether this is the right call, I’m not too sure, only time will tell.

LIIHEN, like other publicly-listed furniture companies, is highly sensitive to USD currency trends, labor, and raw material costs. In the near term, I do fear that operating expenses may continue to affect the bottom line, despite their increased revenue. After all, the main factors that drove me to purchase it in the first place was its attractive dividend yield (which isn’t looking so attractive at the moment) and it’s low P/E relative to the market. With these factors no longer my main motivation, I will be monitoring this holding very closely.

MAYBANK was a rollercoaster in the recent weeks. From a negative announcement coming out of its Singapore holdings to a market downturn after our new Finance Minister announced a whopping RM1 trillion debt and an overall shaky global sentiment, we saw the price took a tumble. Now trading ex-dividend, it has recouped some of its value this past couple of days. I don’t really have much else to add here except I completely missed an opportunity to collect some more during the sell down. Oh, well.

On a more personal note, after starting, stopping and restarting blogs numerous times for about a decade, I’m having some apprehension about my ability to be consistent this time around with this website. My desire to write well and write consistently is often at odds with my lack of self-discipline, procrastination and my low self-esteem. Almost by default, I always feel like anyone reading anything I write will just think, “What a snoozefest!”. I’m cursed with enough self-awareness to know that I’m by no means a brilliant or engaging writer. At least for right now, monitoring my stock portfolio, rrationalizingmy buy-sell patterns and voicing my thoughts on the market seem like the easiest thing to write about. But it’s probably gonna grow old pretty fast.

So, to that end, I’d like to know, what do you do to avoid procrastination? How do you try to stay consistent when pursuing things you like to do? What else do you think I should write about? And finally, don’t forget to share with me your thoughts and stock recommendations!


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