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Portfolio Snapshot Post-GE14

Welcome to the new Malaysia! On the back of a historic election in Malaysia, I found myself in a fairly decent spot, equity-wise. This is a snapshot of my portfolio as of today, 17 May 2018, one week after the election results were announced and 4 days after an eventful market open that saw many BN-related stocks see a huge drop (yikes, MYEG) & Mahathir friendly companies see a rise in market value.  Prior to the election, the market was fairly volatile despite trending upwards since January. By a stroke of luck, my timing was just right as I managed to grab some stocks at a lower cost (not as low as I hoped I could get, but *sings* you can’t always get what you want). Overall, my portfolio wasn’t really affected by the regime change, except that most of my holdings came back to what I would consider their fair value before the pre-election jitters. Upon a cursory review of the portfolio, I’ve decided to maintain my current holdings and ride out this time of uncertainty while Pakatan starts to settle in as the ruling party. Also, having very little time to monitor the market, do research and read current events, what with my CFA exam coming up, I’m hoping the fundamentals of these companies are able to hold up their market value, should more volatility be introduced in the near term. What do you think?  Should I make changes or nah? Hit me up with your advice or recommendations.

* This post was updated on 25 May 2018 with a new table as there was a minor error on the average price stated.

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